Wang Theatre, Citi Performing Arts Center :: Boston, MA

Fenway Park :: Boston, MA (Photo: Julie Cordeiro / Boston Red Sox)

“Projection and audio are big investments, but it’s been a HUGE improvement for us. People sure do notice the difference. A visiting filmmaker said we gave the best-sounding presentation of his movie ever. We made the right choice with BL&S.”
– Erin Wilson, Theatre Director, Wealthy Theatre in Grand Rapids, MI.
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Special Events ::


Special Events

BL&S has the technical expertise and creative acumen to transform any space, indoors or out, into an outstanding presentation environment.


Film Festivals & Screenings

Boston Light & Sound’s large venue, large screen specialists are entrusted with delivering high-end digital cinema, HD video, film, and sound content for the world’s most renowned film festivals. Countless world premieres and special screening events have benefited from BL&S’s presentation expertise.



Installations ::


Performing Arts Venues

Boston Light & Sound (BL&S) creates premier presentation spaces that offer the highest quality image and sound to support a wide range of productions while ensuring that new equipment is carefully integrated with site aesthetics.

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College & Universities

BL&S designs and installs audio visual systems that accommodate the diverse requirements of the educational setting. We also rent a wide range of sound, video, and film projection systems for commencement addresses and other special events, at an economical price point.



BL&S integrates innovative audio and presentation capabilities to enrich the museum experience. We design and install audio, film, and video systems that align perfectly with the unique design elements and functional needs of each museum.


Houses of Worship

BL&S designs and installs aesthetically pleasing sound systems that produce rich, clear sound within the uniquely challenging audio environments of houses of worship.



BL&S revels in perfecting digital cinema, HD video, and film presentation at movie theatres, from design and installation to special events and ongoing service. Our specialists create cinematic spaces that make going to the movies an exhilarating experience.

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Sports Venues

BL&S designs and installs public address and stadium sound systems that deliver clear, crisp audio across the entire venue.


Screening Rooms and Corporate Installations

BL&S has designed and built screening rooms and AV systems for some of the world’s most revered filmmakers and discerning corporate clients. The BL&S team aims to meet exacting standards to deliver optimal picture and sound presentation.


Hearing Impaired Systems (Rear Window)

The Rear Window closed-captioning reflector system allows theatre owners to make movies accessible to hearing-impaired customers, without impeding the experience of other moviegoers.

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R.E.M. film tour - Michael Stipe singing

Michael Stipe singing - REM tour

(Photo: Jem Cohen)


Plaza Theatre, El Paso

Plaza Theatre, El Paso, TX


ICA theatre skyline

ICA Boston theatre and skyline

(Photo: Peter Vanderwarker)


Boston College Cabaret Room

Boston College’s Cabaret Room


Tribeca Film Festival signage


CinemaCon booth - digital projector

CinemaCon booth - digital projector

(Photo: © Ryan Miller/Capture Imaging)


Tampa Theatre Casablanca

Casablanca - Tampa Theatre, Tampa Bay, FL


Coolidge Corner Theatre interior

Coolidge Corner Theatre


Hotel Marlowe courtyard

Hotel Marlowe - courtyard