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“BL&S goes the extra mile: measuring acoustic requirements while planning, then carefully tuning and trouble­shooting the systems during installation to insure top performance.”
– Jonathan Miller, Emerson College Office of the Arts
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Hearing Assist System ::

The portable hearing assist system from Boston Light & Sound® (BL&S) offers people who are hard of hearing an opportunity to enhance their listening experience in venues with no sound system in place. This is an ideal solution for lectures, training sessions, corporate and community meetings, houses of worship, classrooms, trade shows, and other gatherings.


The compact size and portability of the system allows for easy use for presentations in various locations. This self-contained package includes lightweight headphones or a neck loop for use with a hearing aid “T” switch, personal receivers, and a wireless mic system.



  • Satisfies ADA compliance if no hearing assist system is installed
  • Easy to set up
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Flexible to adapt to spaces with or without existing sound systems
  • Quality products from Shure and Listen Technologies
  • Available for rent or sale


Sale Price: $2,000.


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Portable AV Presentation System ::

Our portable presentation system makes it easy to give presentations in spaces that lack built-in presentation capabilities or were designed for other uses. Corporations, educators, hotels, and houses of worship that frequently give audio and video presentations in multiple locations choose this plug-and-play option.


The system is perfect for a range of uses, such as trade shows, overflow meetings, training sessions, as well as corporate and community meetings. The package includes a video projector, screen, projection cart, loudspeakers with stands, audio mixer, wireless microphone, connection cables, and carrying cases.


  • Easy to set up and break down
  • More economical than permanent installations
  • Portable hearing assist option available
  • Appropriate for spaces that accommodate 100-150 people
  • Available for sale or rent


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BL&S Portable Hearing Assist System – wireless microphone, headphones, and receivers

BL&S Portable Hearing Assist System – wireless microphone, headphones, and personal receivers


BL&S Portable Hearing Assist System – wireless microphone system

BL&S Portable Hearing Assist System – wireless microphone system


BL&S Portable AV Presentation System

The BL&S Portable AV Presentation System



For more information about
portable hearing assist packages or portable presentation systems, contact:
Jan Jones, CTS,
Audiovisual Installation Manager

617.787.3131, ext. 119